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A passion for cheer continues pdf

"I was hoping they would be open," University of Wyoming freshman cheerleader Tayler Irving says of the closed café in Coe Library at the University of Wyoming. It's 9:30 a.m. and Tayler sits on a couch outside of the café reading an issue of "The Branding Iron," the university's student newspaper while sporting a UW cheerleading jacket. He wakes up early because he is in "cheer routine". The University of Wyoming's cheer team practices at 6 a.m. so early mornings have become routine for him.

Teacher appreciates GR roots pdf

Sometimes people do not plan on coming back to their hometown for work, but sometimes the unplanned decisions become life’s greatest gifts. This is the case for Green River High School graduate and GRHS teacher Terrin Musbach. Musbach did not necessarily plan on coming back to Green River after college, but she does not regret her decision at all. “I don’t think anyone plans on coming back,” Musbach said. “This is not where I expected to be, but I love it. I don’t know if I really saw myself anywhere though.”

SW-WRAP hires Golden Hour director pdf

Sweetwater Wyoming Recovery Access Programs, known as SW-WRAP, has a new CEO, and Beth Whitman is her name. “While we had the luxury of several well-qualified candidates, we chose Beth as being the best qualified and best fit overall to lead this organization into the future,” Interim CEO, Gene Smith said. About 20 applicants applied for the position. “She brought an organization to life with the Business Leadership Network, has human resource experience with a local company, and has done a wonderful job of leading the Golden Hour Senior Center” Smith said.

Travelling 1,600 feet below ground pdf

We just kept dropping and dropping and dropping until we were 1,600 feet into the Earth. Tuesday, fellow reporter Lillian Palmer and I went into the TATA Chemicals Green River Facility. In reality, the ride in the shaft lasted about two and a half minutes, but it felt much longer. I could feel the change of pressure in my head and my ears were popping. Adrenaline was running through my body. I was a little nervous, but mainly I was excited for what I was about to experience. We rode down with some miners and it was just another day for them. On the other hand, Lillian and I were experiencing this for the first time. It is kind of a surreal feeling going that far into the ground surrounded by nothing but rock.

Concealed weapons risk safety on campus

The University of Wyoming is considering allowing faculty and students to carry concealed weapons while on campus. Supporters of concealed weapons say it would let students and faculty protect themselves in dangerous situations on campus. They also say that campus police cannot respond quickly enough to save lives in dangerous incidents.

This is a recording of me reading "Concealed Weapons Risk Safety on Campus. This article was written and recorded for an online journalism course.